Saturday, May 26, 2012

Message from the Director

At Iringa Swahili School, we believe that by helping others learn Swahili, we are enriching the society and contributing to the nation of Tanzania and the continent of Africa.

ISS has assisted over 2000 students of different ages and backgrounds. Small classrooms and varied teaching styles allow students to form valuable relationships with their instructors. Our staff is passionate about their culture and give students the opportunity to learn traditions and customs. Field trips allow students to visit historically significant sights and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Tanzania. 

If you are working for an international organization, you are a university student or if you’re thinking about moving your family to East Africa. We welcome you to stay at Rivervalley Campsite, where our partners will take care of your accommodations. ISS will immerse you in Tanzania’s rich culture. And if you desire.

Let us help you, your family and your organization to be most effective by knowing and understanding the language and culture of Swahili.

Tunku Abasi
School Director