There are many leisure opportunities to enjoy in Tanzania and around Iringa.

Ruaha National Park is the second largest national park in all of Tanzania though not as frequented as the other parks. Though Many regard it as one of the best parks in all of Tanzania. Ruaha has many animals including: cheetahs, elephants, giraffe, leopards, lions  in addition to a large bird population.

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Other points of interest:

  • Gangilonga Rock (talking stone). This large rock gives you great views over Iringa. To get to it you must walk through the suburbs towards the northeast of Info Iringa. 
  • Isimila Stone Age site. About 15 kilometers from town towards Mafinga, this is one of the most interesting stone age sites in East Africa and is well worth a visit.
  • Kalenga, you can see the cultural museum and Chief Mkwawa’s skull (a famous Wahehe leader) which was returned by the Germans after many decades.
  • Neema Crafts Centre is a great place to visit with cafe with great cake and fresh ground coffee, a tour of the workshops is great to see all the different crafts being made, especially paper from elephant dung!