Tuition | Payments

Iringa Swahili School Tuition
Each program is fully tailor made to fit your specific needs. Courses last from two weeks to four months.

For Iringa Swahili School tuition is an average $140 per week per person.
Your work book is $30 which you'll purchase upon arrival. It is also suggested to buy Simplified Swahili by Peter Wilson (also available for purchase upon arrival.)

We recommend you buy a Swahili dictionary and phrase book. Also, be sure to bring plenty of pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, folder and 3x5 index cards for making flashcards.

Please refer to the materials page for more information about the suggested and required materials.

Payments are made through wire transfer or upon arrival. For wire transfer information, please fill out the contact form and in the comments field mention you want to know the wire transfer information. You can also email and for the information.

Rivervalley Campsite Room & Board
Food, lodging and accommodation is handled separately through Rivervalley Campsite. Please refer to the Food & Lodging page. For more information please email them at